July 4, 2022

Pocket Realms Anthology 004

Today marks the general world-wide release of the fourth Pocket Realms Anthology! It’s a Short-Story Phase where we cover the AoS Black Library short stories. Same great Story Phase taste, but now half the calories! These will initially release to our Freeguild level patrons on a recurring basis in addition to our regularly scheduled Story Phases. But, worry not - every few months we’ll package the recent ones together and drop them as bonus episodes on the main stream for all! You asked for more tMR and so we listened! If you want to check it out RIGHT NOW, head on over to Patreon and sign up.

Show Notes

Time Stamps

Skull Throne by Jake Ozga: 0:01

Monsters by Noah Van Nguyen: 48:34

Krenkha Gorogna by Guy Haley: 1:48:20



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